Real Estate / Land Trust

Real Estate/Land Trust

Oak Brook Legal Attorneys at Law is a full-service real estate law firm. We handle everything from drafting rental contracts for individual landlords to providing perspectives on the possible long-term dispositions of complex real asset portfolios for commercial ventures.

This article will focus mostly on the legal challenges and opportunities associated with land and facility ownership. Please see our section on commercial and residential real estate law information about transactional, dispute-resolution and research services, such as landlord-tenant issues, due diligence for commercial transactions, agency support services and so on. Of course, you are also welcome to call us at (630) 325-5557 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

Ownership From a Legal Perspective

The investment opportunities of real property come with significant legal risks. There are a variety of Illinois real estate laws and regulations that could protect you as an owner — or expose you to potential losses.

Laws could also affect the profitability of prospective acquisitions, cost of carry for existing holdings, long-term sustainability of portfolios and so on. They could even modify your ownership status.

We work with each of our clients to analyze assets, expose risks and come up with efficient, creative solutions. The goal is to create a legally sound strategy that advances your unique vision.

Land Trusts: Protections for Businesses and Families

Land trusts are strategic legal instruments. In effect, they transfer ownership-of-record of your real estate to a trustee, typically a bank, while you retain a level of control.

Depending on the situation, the concerns of our clients and the risk profile of the operation in question, we might recommend a broad range of strategies. Land trusts are versatile. They could enhance privacy, protect assets, limit civil liability, ease asset transfer, enable foreign ownership in restricted areas, protect the parcels from future development — the list goes on. Here are some examples:

  • Multi-generational agricultural land trusts for farming families
  • Land trusts combined with protective LLCs for real estate investors or commercial ventures
  • Privacy and asset-protection land trusts for wealthy individuals
  • Conservation land trusts as part of not-for-profit or foundation strategies

Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Challenges

Oak Brook Legal Attorneys at Law provides all support possible from within our firm. However, real estate ownership occasionally intersects with areas of the law outside our purview, such as immigration, international arbitration and a few others.

In these cases, we work with our clients and our extended professional network to locate and engage reputable lawyers with proper credentials, knowledge and experience. Upon referral, we also handle the real estate side of these types of cases for other attorneys. Please feel welcome to call us at (630) 325-5557 to schedule a consultation.

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