Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Law

You might have grounds for legal action if someone else’s negligent, malicious or reckless actions caused you harm. At Oak Brook Legal Attorneys at Law, we handle a variety of these types of cases.

The sooner you bring your case to us, the easier it typically is for us to assist. There are a number of reasons to contact an attorney as soon as possible (after addressing immediate medical needs, if applicable):

  • Evidence at the scene degrades rapidly over time or becomes contaminated
  • You might make statements that could damage your case
  • Eyewitnesses’ memories fade
  • The deadline per the relevant statute of limitations approaches

We are available at (630) 325-5557 to schedule a consultation. In some cases, we may also be able to assist with investigations once you retain our services.

Bodily Injury

The most common category of personal injury cases involves a bodily injury or someone’s death. Our law office provides a variety of services related to these claims:

  • We file, negotiate and litigate for plaintiffs in accident and injury cases.
  • We help property owners identify dangerous aspects of real estate, intellectual property or businesses they own.
  • We establish liability reduction and asset protection for corporations, private owners and other stakeholders in high-risk situations.

We work with healthcare providers, insurance companies, businesses, individuals and families. We believe that, through our tenacious pursuit of truth and fairness, we make Oak Brook, DuPage County and all of the Chicago area a safer place to live and work.


Injuries do not have to be physical. Illinois law could offer you a remedy for damage to your reputation.

Defamation is a damaging, false claim published without your consent. It is usually the fault of your competitors, former stakeholders or clients.

Some false statements are so outrageous that the court assumes they cause damage to your reputation. Illinois has some relatively unique laws regarding this. It is called defamation per se, and examples could include:

  • Claiming you lack the ability or integrity to perform your professional duties
  • Indicating you have a particularly dangerous or unpleasant communicable disease
  • Calling you a criminal, adulterer or fornicator

Social media, online reviews and other forms of highly accessible publication have placed defamation law in a state of flux. Our background as business law attorneys puts us in a favorable position to analyze these claims and advise on potential strategies. We stay informed on these matters constantly, especially as they pertain to corporations and their C-suite leadership team members.

Advanced Personal Injury Law

Injury claims are complex, but we try to make them as approachable as possible. We also strive to understand each case within the larger context of personal priorities, estate plans, business needs and familial concerns. Please call us at (630) 325-5557 so that we may begin the process of protecting your rights and interests as soon as possible.

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