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We represent a variety of different types of estate planning clients. However, our main area of focus is providing business owners, entrepreneurs and other executive-level leaders with comprehensive, business-focused estate planning services.

These individuals often have specific needs due to their unique positions. Their estate plans concern not only themselves and their families, but also large groups of workers, clients and other stakeholders associated with their organizations.

Preserving Assets

One of the only certainties in business — and in life — is change. We help prepare our clients for challenges and opportunities alike through comprehensive, personalized asset preservation strategies.

In the context of estate planning, asset preservation is typically a process of balancing defense and flexibility. Many strategies that protect valuable assets from creditors also limit liquidity, security, accessibility or ease of transfer.

Most of our clients have a clear vision of what they want their wealth to do. We provide the business law and estate planning context necessary for them to realize their goals as fully as possible.

Of course, we are also prepared to independently suggest asset protection options after a personalized analysis. Call us at (630) 325-5557 for a no-risk consultation.

Establishing Continuity

A key goal of almost every estate plan is providing continuity. For business leaders — at least for those outside of large enterprises — this continuity often involves directing or expressing wishes about transfer of leadership duties.

A traditional will is rarely sufficient to outline this type of transfer. We help our clients establish a solid legal framework for a leadership handoff.

There is also an important human element to this process. We work personally with our clients to help communicate expectations and explain details to all parties involved.

Successful continuity plans for small and medium business often depend on both estate planning and business law. These are our two main areas of focus, making us an ideal firm for the job.

Providing a Future

Some of our clients come to us knowing exactly what they want to accomplish. Others come wanting answers.

What do you do if family members do not want to take over the business? Is it possible to skip a generation with inheritance? How do you avoid unnecessary tax or administrative burden on a sizeable estate? How do you safeguard your heirs against a potential business bankruptcy?

These are the types of challenging questions on which our practice thrives. We get to know our clients, their businesses and their families — an approach that allows us to create elegant, effective strategies for even the most unconventional and uncertain situations. Please call us at (630) 325-5557. It is never too soon to get started.

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